1st Pack Meeting of 2013

Posted by jodi on Sep 14, 2013 in News |

Thanks to all who came out for our first pack meeting of 2013, with special thanks going to the Wetlands Institute for the great (and sometimes gross!) information on some of our local sea life!

As a reminder, it’s popcorn selling time! The pack gets a portion of every sale you make, and those proceeds go to things like day camp, the Blue and Gold Banquet, and all of the other fun things we do each year! If that doesn’t motivate you, don’t forget the great—and new—prizes available this year! To make things easy on yourself, feel free to sign up at http://sell.trails-end.com/. Hit popcorn sales’ at the top and fill out the form. FYI: We are Garden State Council, Baysea District, Pack 1079. Can’t wait to find out how much we sell as a pack! Good luck!


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