Wolf Den

Den Leader: Kelly Jefferson

Welcome Wolves! The Wolf den is designed for boys in the second grade. We have a large den and are very excited about all of the fun plans we have for this year! Our last den meeting was on January 8th, when we had a pizza party. Our next den meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, February 5th at 6:00.

Following is the handout from the last den meeting, which includes our homework assignment and other important information.Wolf Den 1/8/14 Meeting

Also, below is a list of requirements we have accomplished so far this year. Please sign off in your Wolf Book. If you have missed assignments, please try to make them up. Please bring all signed books to show Mrs. Jefferson at the next den meeting.

Dates & Requirements:

1a thru 1g, 2a thru 2c – 9/18/2013

2c thru 2g – 10/2/2013

3b and 3c, 12a thru 12e, 4b and 4c – 11/6/2013

4f – 12/4/2013

2e – 12/19/2013

4a, 8a, 8b, 5a thru 5d and 3a – 1/8/2014 – HW 8c and 8d due at next den meeting.


Please feel free to sign off on things you do:  play family games Requirement #10, etc.

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