Pinewood Derby 2013

Posted by jodi on Mar 6, 2013 in News

A fantastic time was had by all at this year’s Annual Pinewood Derby! Everyone did a great job with their cars, and we appreciate all of the scout and parent involvement! Winners from this year’s Derby were:

Division 1 K-kubs and Tigers

1st:  Ben Robbins
2nd:  Matty Jefferson
3rd:  Aaron Bliss
BOS:  Simon Davies
Division 2 Wolves
1st:  Sean Daily
2nd:  Noah Wertzberge
3rd:  Jeffrey MacFarland
BOS:  Owen Bishop
Division 3 Bears
1st:  Christopher Lemmon
2nd:  William McLees
3rd:  Joey Brace
BOS:  Nick George
Division 4 Webelos 1 & 2
1st:  James Bishop
2nd:  Ryan Pierpoint
3rd:  Logan Richard
BOS:  Jimmy Repici
Those who places in our Pinewood Derby have the opportunity to participate in the District Races on Saturday, March 16th.
Arrival Times:
Tigers: 9:30
Wolves: 10:45
Bears: 12:00
Webelos: 1:15
Prior to the District Races, there will be ONE opportunity—on Thursday, March 14th—for the boys to do a last check on their vehicles. They can tune them up, graphite them, clean them, but no changes may be made. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO TOUCH YOUR CAR ON THE DAY OF THE RACE. If you’re interested, cars will be at Trinity from 6:30 to 7:00 on March 14th.

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